Brazosport Water Authority


The mission of Brazosport Water Authority is to produce and deliver a consistent and reliable supply of quality drinking water to member cities and contracted customers; with the continuous pursuit of employee training, public education and compliance to federal and state mandated requirements.

The Brazosport Water Authority is a political subdivision of The State of Texas created by House Bill 650 to provide wholesale potable water to seven member cities, City of Rosenberg, two TDCJ Prison Units and The Dow Chemical Company. Brazosport Water Authority’s water source is the Brazos River via Harris and Brazoria Reservoirs.

The Brazosport Water Authority is governed by a Board of Directors which consists of one appointed representative from each member city that we supply water to. We employ eight Operators, one Skilled Distribution Technician, one Distribution Technician, one Distribution Laborer, one laborer, two Skilled Maintenance Technicians, one Chief Operator, one Plant Superintendent, three Administrative Employees, an Assistant General Manager and a General Manager.

Our Operators are trained and certified for surface water treatment and are required to continuously monitor and analyze finished water to comply with state and federal regulations.